Friday, September 17, 2004


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I made a vow to myself to never watch 'The Apprentice' ever again. I watched the first season because I thought I would learn a little something about running a business. I WAS CONNED! (cut to this season) Strategically NBC conspired with the other networks, leaving us nothing to watch,...except,...yep, The Apprentice, season 2. So, here it is, another season and another batch of knuckle-heads. It kills me, most of these people are already successful. Why do they subject themselves to so much B.S.? I mean,...look at Oprah. She is filthy stinking rich and she chooses to give to be happy. She makes others happy. Hell, you are rewarded for sitting in an audience or sending in a letter,...whatever. Trump,... what does he do? He creates situations in which smart people (that we would, under any other circumstance admire) look like idiots, backstabbers, childish, off center and unproffessional. In the end, one person gets the prize of WORKING for him, as if they have won some prize.


Brad believed he did such a great job, he was willing to give up a free ride. Trump admitted he (Brad), did a great job but because he was willing to risk it all (by giving up his free ride),..he was fired. That was some BullS*@t! BRAD WAS ROBBED!

So now I know that it's all rigged for DRAMA's SAKE. I'm done. I am switching back to CBS for re-runs of "CSI" and "Without A Trace."


Casey said...

I was so hooked on The Apprentice: Season 1, and that goes without saying for Season 2, I love it.. I was shocked at Brad's decision, but at the same time Trump's!! Trump surely crushed Brad's bubble real fashion. I beleive Trump loved every bit of it, and knew from the time Brad dumped his "free pass"that he was gonna fire him.

Apocalypse said...

its funny we posted about the samething. I like your take on it much better.

jirzygurl said...

I freakin LOVE the apprentice. I'm mad they are making Stacie J. look crazy!

G. Cornelius Harris said...

The Assistant is better...I'll keep you posted

Phin Samuels said...

He should have never gone in the board room. He didn't belong there. He was waving his dick in Trumps face and it got bit off.

obifromsouthlondon said...

i need a car get me on oprah :-)

greggy said...

hmm...I'm with obi...I need a car too. find me some tickets to Oprah's show real quick...on second thought, it'll be just my luck that they give away feminine products on the day that I win passes...never
anyway, have a good week.