Sunday, February 27, 2005


decked out as the baby diva should be....going home from the hospital. Posted by Hello

She takes well to fingers as the diapers get changed Posted by Hello

Here she is.....grinning for the camera.....well, sort of. I just had to get this picture because you know it's sad to live in a world that has to put LO-JACKS on babies. The coolest thing, she unknowingly shot a bird today. (my sister didn't think it was cool that I brought it to everyones attention) bad. (teehee)Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005


I AM AN AUNT. She was born yesterday.....all 8.5 lbs of her. I will post a picture soon. My sister was a champ. I know my mom was with her in spirit. She got strength from nowhere. *****AGAIN, moms.....don't know how you do it. I so couldn't be you******It was funny as hell, though..... when she was on the drugs (for pain). She was talking crazy ish like....."I am so exhausted! The baby is here." .......but she wasn't. It was just day 1 of labor. Then she started to cry and said she was a punk because she cried. It was beautiful. My dad stopped by. He's funny. He never gets the names of things correct. He came in talking about how he worked out at the seniors center and got on the "THREADmill" I couldn't stop laughing. My sisters husband did the sweetest thing.....after she gave birth....he gave her a card, thanking her for loving him and having their baby and in it was a gift certificate to the spa. How cool?!

So, I left the hospital just in time to see......PROJECT RUNWAY! Jay had a phenominal show. I love Karas designs,....but Jay hit it on the head this time. I was so happy that they sent Wendy away....IMMEDIATELY!! Michael Korrs and Nina Garcia obviously HATE her. (totally understandable) and what was up with Parker Poseys HAIR and those big ass shades? I love her and her sense of style but she looked a hot mess.

I missed Eva so somebody please fill me in. Don't forget the "AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL WHERE ARE THEY NOW" on Tuesday.

Monday, February 21, 2005


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Have you guys been checking out PROJECT RUNWAY? I am so addicted. The best reality show since,.....AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL. (sorry guys....I HATE SURVIVOR AND AMERICAN IDOL style shows).

Anyway, Wendy is the one that I initally wanted to win. She's in her 40's with a family and a little seamstress shop. She was like an American Dream. She turned into an evil BI-YATCH! Kara has to win. Jay is cool too. I just can't stand Wendy. Opinions, please.

Ooo,...WICKEDLY PERFECT is pretty interesting, too. These reality shows demand that you are at least TALENTED!!!

Did you see DIVA EVA (AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL) on VH-1's BEST WEEK EVER talking about her new role on Kevin Hill? I hate Taye Diggs and now I'm gonna have to watch it just to catch her. Oh well...

Edited: I vowed to focus on CSI because I am so OVER Donald Trump. I heard the street smart team was kickin' ass. YOU GO TEAM!! I hate snobs.

Job update....things are WEIRD at work. My boss has been nice to me. She seems concerned about me and everything. I think I'm gonna get fired. (smile) No, but really. She has been oddly okay to work with. I am waiting for her to flip the script on me.

This other lady I work with (the receptionist), overheard me and this really cool new friend I met talking about Diets and the lives of the FLUFFY. This bi-yatch actually walked to us and asked if we had EVER BEEN "NORMAL SIZED!" ****okay, my mouth dropped exactly like yours**** I had to laugh to keep from going the FUCK off. So I started in with the "You know, Monique said, SKINNY BITCHES ARE EVIL!" You just proved her right. Then she was all like,....."I didn't mean it like that. I am so sorry." I am trying to believe her. I just don't want to think anyone is that damn walk up to 2 fluffy girls and say that.....DEATHWISH!

Then I have this male co-worker that keeps making advances. I observed him being a bit of an...naw alot of an ASSHOLE to some other co-workers. I am the one that gets pissed off and goes off on him. I guess he likes things like that so he started trying to walk up on me. I told him that I was involved with someone and I wasn't interested. He seemed to take it well. Things were fine. He doesn't even say, "HI." This is fine as well. But now, whenever he goes to the copier (which is near my desk) he tries to act as if he is going for my breasts or just get close to me like he's going in for a kiss. He totally envades my personal space. I push him away and threaten to tell. He apologizes and walks off only to do it again. Today, I walked into his office to get a software disc and he was watching porn on his computer and said,..."Look!" (instructing me to look at the computer screen) Then he pointed to his crotch. (his erection almost pertruding through his pants) MY MOUTH DROPPED! Shocked at first, then I was like.....WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SHOW THAT LITTLE THING OFF? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! I snickerd. He appeared embarrased, I began to laugh and walked out and of course, never got the disc.

Here's the weird thing. I know it's sexual harrassment. It does bother me. Women here, throw themselves at he's a major WHORE MUTT (male slut). It's cool. I hoped that the attention he gets would kinda keep the focus off me. For the most part it works. There are some isolated incidents but for the most part.....he leaves me alone. I told him I had mase. Maybe that helped? who knows.....

Then there is the problem with my staff who....check it....HAVEN'T BEEN INFORMED THAT I AM THEIR BOSS! Yep, I know....part of my problem here. It is crazy but this is only temporary, I know.

with all this DRAMA.....see why I am always talking about a dam cocktail?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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Today, I wanted to pay tribute to my mom. You have heard me mention her in past blogs...if I wasn't yapping about a mama quote, I was depressed because I miss her so much.

So yesterday, after reading the gorgeous and crazy funky divas' blog...I was a little down. She wants to be a mom so bad it hurts. I thought about her all day. I kept thinking of how bad it hurts that I don't have my mom with me. I thought about my sister going through her pregnancy without the aid of my mom. I thought about how much stress that it's putting on me....I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KIDS/PREGNANCY/WHAT TO DO/YADA YADA YADA! I feel as if I am doing a disservice to my sister. I don't want her to feel alone but really....I know nothing. I purchased what I thought was a funky little bassinet for her & the baby. It had handles, so I thought "portable bassinet"....WAY COOL, RIGHT? RIGHT!!

So, I was all excited and gave it to my sister. It even had a matching diaper bag. My sister tried hard not to look disappointed (to my surprise), she said...."Uh, this isn't a portable bassinet!" I was like,..."Yes it is wicker and it has handles, it's cool." My sister said,"Yeah, it's cute but it's still NOT a bassinet. It's a baby basket with handles." Then she started to read the instructions which stated something about "it NOT being a BED and that babies could not be left in it unattended." I WAS BLOWN!

If only my mom were here. Life isn't fair. A crappy dad (whom I love to death ANYWAY), and a perfect mother that had to leave this world prematurely. I'm kinda pissed actually. She deserves to be here and We (me and sis) deserve to have her in our lives right now.

I find it amazing to meet people who are so fortunate, they still have grandparents. All I have is my sister. Me and my sister are all that represents her on this earth. Yeah, there are still the clothes, the clutch bags, the wide brimmed hats, the high heeled shoe collection, jewelry and laced gloves. My mom was LADY in every sense of the word.

It bothers me when people take their moms for granted or mistreat and disrespect them. I have this friend that gets into it with her mom all the time. She says her mom is overbearing.
DUHH!! That's part of the job, I thought.

She says that she hates discussing things with me pertaining to her mom because I ALWAYS take the side of her mom.
DUHH!! MOMS ALWAYS RIGHT! (at least most of the time)

I just feel that moms are prescious jewels that need/should to be protected. They sacrafice much too much for us.

So, anyway....

MAMA...MOMS OUT THERE.....I LOVE YOU! I could never be you. So,...I will just HONOR YOU!




Friday, February 11, 2005


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jill...the smile before the.........smashed face. I was at this show. Somebody in the front yelled that Jill Scott couldn't hold a candle to Ashlee Simpson. She grinned, quite insidiously as the photo shows, then put the mic down their throat. Oh, you think Jill's too nice for that? Well, you obviously weren't paying attention to the "Gettin' in the Way" video. Who wants it next? Find out during Jill's tour. Bring your cornerman and extra gauze.

I was just minding my business and then I get a music oriented request/invite from IL. Lake Effect. ( check it out, by the way) So anyway, I remembered that I needed to check out OKAYPLAYER and discovered this. (above)There would have been a lawsuit because somebody would have gotten a beat down. How disrespectful? What is the world coming to when anyone compares Ashlee Simpson to Jill Scott?
***shaking my head, with hand up in the air, walking away****

Thursday, February 10, 2005


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PRINCE IS NUMBER ONE. After taking a small hiatus from music, Prince returned to the industry to become the top-earning music act of 2004. The legendary performer took in over fifty-six and a half million dollars, primarily from a very successful tour in promotion of his Musicology album and the singers ingenious idea to include one album in the cost of each concert ticket. Rolling Stones list of Top 50 Moneymakers of 2004 proclaims: "With 90.3 million dollars in ticket sales, Prince returned to center stage after a decade in the commercial wilderness." The magazine based its list on a combination of ticket and record sales, publishing and other related revenue. Following just behind the "Purple One" was Madonna, taking in just under fifty-five million dollars due largely to her Re-Invention Tour, four children's books and her American Life album.

Remember in the 80's when you had to pick sides? Tiffany or Debbie Gibson? Pepsi or COKE? Michael Jackson or PRINCE? As you probably know by now....I was one of the Purple people,...whose "hair on one side was swept back." I used to practically go to blows defending 'HIS ROYAL BADNESS' honor. (It was the 80's and I was a teenager....sue me) Well, considering their life choices....I'd have to say that PRINCE IS STILL THE CHAMP!!!! Not to knock Mike and all because I really don't believe he's guilty of what he is accused of doing. Then again, HE DID PUT HIMSELF IN THAT POSITION AGAIN! So,...Maybe this time...he'll learn.

My mood is getting better. I don't know why I'm letting this job get to me this way. I read "Who Moved My Cheese" and I know ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! It's just not that easy all the time. Maybe you can help me....How do you change your paradine(sp?), your chi....whatever?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

aarons heart

aarons heart
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So, my best friend Aaron took me to Johnny Corinos tonight to cheer me up. I have been stressed, the HELL out. He allowed me to vent about the job, finances, my sis' baby and valentines day....which we have dubbed vd day - he said because it feels good at first and then it itches. (teehee) He's a crack up that way. He definitely knows how to get me out of my funks.

At the restaurant, He's telling me his ideas for his partner for "VD DAY" and he proceeds to draw a heart on a napkin, while brainstorming. He stopped abruptly....puts the napkin over his heart (chest) and says,...."HEY LOOK, I HAVE A HEART ON!"

lesson today****don't say dumb sh*t like this when I have beverages in my gets sprayed****

needless to say, i felt alot better.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

baby diaper cake
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awww, guys! i'm tearing up...**trying to keep the make-up in tact**
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! BIG CYBER HUGS TO ALL YALL! (gettin' a little country-sorry)

I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW AUNT STATUS. Of course, I shall be the wild and crazy fun aunt but my pockets are suffering. I watched Sex & the City re-runs last night and got the idea to make my sister a 5 tier diaper cake. It looks like this picture without the doll. Oh yeah, and mine is off center, for some strange reason. Wonder why? Oh well. Parents....what the hell were you thinking? Do you know how much diapers cost? and how many times a day people tinkle and crap? Get used to being broke because this aunt thing has gotten me. I haven't shown any pics because I broke the digital camera. I dropped the dam thing in Atlanta last week. And once you go digital.....(you know the rest) gotta get it fixed since being an aunt has me strapped - financially.

Oh my God, has anyone been watching Project Runway? I AM SO ADDICTED!!!!! I so want Kara to win. Oh yeah, and the other show....Missy Elliots show. She gets props for putting their asses on a beat up bus and making them work for what they get.....unlike P.Diddy's spoiled ass cast that bitched and complained about err-thing.

speaking of bitching.....

Today, I am a little-nope alot pissed off at work. The dance troop at the school have found a way to bullshit a relief effort. Normally they have closed try-outs but now they want to open them up and charge the public.....(translation-they want pervs to pay to gawk at em') they actually thought that I would promote them on a classy jazz station. I told them that it had to be a community oriented PSA (public service announcement). Most people would have let it go.....but nnnoooo!!!!! Now they have come up with a tsunami relief effort. pay 1.00 with a canned good and 2.00 without. so, i said,"what if noone brings a canned good? do you donate the cash?" They said, "nope." They are actually gonna drop off the canned goods (if any) at the red cross and keep the cash. FOUL! had to vent on that one.

Oh yeah, and you have to watch VH-1's special on Black in the 80's. It's the documentary for Black History Month and it is the BOMB!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My Bad

Okay, Okay....I know I said I wouldn't neglect you guys (bloggin' posse) that I have totally fallen in love with. I have been on the road. If if isn't work,...its hitting the ATL. My sister is pregnant with the first baby in the family. I have a BONUS neice already (her husband has an awesome daughter). This baby...has me on pins and needles. I am so excited to meet her. Ya'll know I am not a baby/kid person but I do love shopping for the little one. It's weird to see her rolling around in my sisters stomach and of course to see my sister glowing and wabling around. I just want to shrink her to size and put he on my dashboard. She looks so cute.

So of course, you know the funds have been crazy low. I have to get ready to be the eccentric aunt. the fun one. you know?

my job has been extremely stressfull. i love being busy, but - DAM! i got like 50 bucks worth of kaluah and wine yesterday to get the drink on and the brother in law gave me an unopened bottle of white tequila. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED, R-I-G-H-T! (set it off was my jam)

so i went to the shower this weekend and guess what? it was canceled. Atlanta was under attack by sleet and freezing temps which created the whole 'BLACK ICE' (don don don) monster. i saw like 17 accidents on the interstate trying to get to my sis' house. the news said that over that weekend, there were over 100. what did i tell ya about southerners and the cold? just doesn't mix.

speaking of which,...i am over the falcons loss and i am still in love with mike vick, and i could care less about the super bowl now. i think during the super bowl, i should stage a counter attack and bring the girls over to have a 'sex & the city' party where we watch the show, sip cosmos and play a little spades. oh well,'s 6:40 and i am still at work and that EXTRA stuff ain't me....especially since i don't get EXTRA money. So,....HOLLA!!!