Monday, July 30, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007


I love those Atlanta or lose. Michael Vick has been getting terrible press regarding his indictment. I'm a firm believer in being innocent until proven guilty. The government has had crappy cases before. Maybe they have a strong case against his couterparts and because he owned the house, he's considered "guilty." I don't know,...and that's just the thing....we don't know. We just have to wait and see.

It all bothers me. I'd like for the stars to be responsible. I mean everyone from entertainers (lohan, usher, rappers, etc.), atheletes, politicians, cops...everyone! to be responsible about what they say and do. I know stuff happens, no one's perfect and mistakes are made. I just wish people considered that, ...when you are in the spotlight...the world is watching.

I know, alot of famous people, that came from to go back and bring up the people that were at the "bottom" with them. Most times...this is the dang problem. If those people had the drive and determination to come up...they would be up. Misery loves company. Usually, they tend to drag down the very people that try to help them. Whatever happened to the whole...teach a man to fish deal? I'm off the subject again...sorry.

You know...a wrestler just killed himself and his family and eventhough it got loads of press, it didn't get this kind of negative press. It's like Vicks being made out to be pure evil (when he hasn't even gone to court yet), and this man killed his own son with a wrestling move, and whatta ya know? People chose to focus on the steroids making him do it. WTF?

This is my poopy. Isn't he cute? This is his summer's hot here. He's hyper as hell! I love him to pieces. I loved that PETA protects the rights of animals, but when they are going after people that haven't been convicted of anything or threatening to kill people because they wear/or design clothes using fur (J-Lo)...then they aren't the organization I thought they were. I never knew they could be so darn ruthless. I believe in hugging trees but some of you guys take it too far, like some people treat religion.

I learned lots about the chicken slaughter houses and I think twice before going to KFC. (think twice...didn't say i'd stop eating there)

Is that bad? We hear all these crazy stories about Chinese food being made with dogs and cats.....we eat it still. (well, most of us. Chinese is good, i'm sorry)

Anyway, I'm getting off the subject, again. That's what I love about blogs....I can just vent. I don't have to have a shouting match. I don't have to deal with the blood pressure rising. NADA!

I can just speak my peace via internet.

Did you know that some people are really getting into the racial issue on this whole thing? I checked out this one blog, and someone was commenting on how the animals were being mistreated and murdered. Then someone responded to that comment by comparing how slaves were treated. Then someone else responded by throwing in the "N-Word!" Saying that was all that Michael Vick was. WOW....can you believe that?

I don't believe ANY living thing or person should ever be mistreated. We belong to GOD. Well, some of us, GOD may opt to throw some of us back, like fish. (haha)

Anyway, this whole situation is something that Mike Vick will have to deal with and I hope that HE IS and IS found Innocent.

Foul thing is....even if he is found innocent, he'll never live this down. Sad world we live in. It's filled with a bunch of Self-Righteous Bastards....from the idiots that approved and wanted this war, to the ones that find it entertaining to watch animals kill eachother to the ones that wage war on the POSSIBLE innocent. SAD!

Whew...I feel better now. Off the Soap Box...Thanks!

Oh yeah...GO FALCONS!