Thursday, March 25, 2010


I CANNOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF DUMB ASS PEOPLE WHO OBJECT TO HEALTHCARE REFORM! It baffles me. Most of these "So-Called Christians" are TOTALLY NOT acting like it....and quick to cast judgement on the Islamic Extremist. BANANAS!!! There are people out there that need help. People that are not on welfare. People that work everyday. It's crazy. Everyone should want this. We're talking...a nation of healthy people. You'd think people would be more upset about the war in Afganistan...but nope....Healthcare. It's fine to disagree. The way people are behaving is an embarrassment. SMH. sigh.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


These days...EVERYTHING IS ON MY MIND....EVERYTHING IS ON MY HEART. You know...I understand more and more the term...IGNORANCE IS BLISS!! Normally...I apply it to Buffonery. People who are Deaf, Dumb & Blind...Intellectually, Politically, Socially and Musically. Lately...I beginning to find the beauty in the term. Bills, Stress, Drama, Worrying, Aggravation, UGH!!!! If Ignorance was BLISS for me... I wouldn't be affected by a thing! Just as HAPPY as can be! Peace of mind! Not a care in the world. Today...I just want to sleep and NOT be affected.