Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hi ya everyone. Well, the 2 of you that are still checkin' up on me to make sure I'm still a f~ing live. Anyway....I know it's my fault.

I'm still dealing with the boss situation because it's come to my attention that he'd been protecting us for the longest time. Apparently, alot of us were to be fired and he'd just find inventive ways to cut the budget instead. He called me the other day and sensed a sadness. He would never say if anything were wrong but I think I have a way of reading things like that in people. Anyway....I can tell he misses us too. He and his girlfriend are like family. Is that crazy?


My love life ain't to lovely these days. I love working. It's my therapy. (who says this shit) But it is. I know that I have neglected my boyfriend alot in the process but I'm on a mission. There's money to be made and also...I've got my eyes on a market closer to home. So, I MuST bust my ass to make this station a hit and impress the right people. Am I wrong?

I know he's frustrated and I can't help that. One thing I can help is the words that utter from my lips. I never say anything that I will have to apologize for later. I don't dish out what I can take. What do you do when someone fucks up in the middle of a discussion and says something that they claim later, they didn't mean? How can you act is if it were a joke or never uttered at all? Is sorry enough? I'm at a loss.