Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay...I know...I suck. I've been MIA! Really...I've been trying to get it all together. I'm working part-time STILL!! I'm oddly optimistic though. I don't know...I owe everyone, make less and still...optimistic. Normally...I'd be miserable, but...I really do believe that GOD will deliver me. So, I press on. I'm getting ready for my big art show in 2WEEKS!!! i'm to the wire. You gotta check out my art blog for all the art juice!
So, for the last day of Black History Month....
I wanted to post this most powerful picture and quote. It's the mode I'm in right now so here goes
"I am America! I am the part you won't recognize. BLACK, CONFIDENT, COCKY! My name...Not Yours! My religion...Not Yours! My goals...MY OWN! GET USED TO ME!" ~Muhammed Ali
I love love love this quote! My head lifts a little higher. A friend of mind posted pics and quotes on his Facebook Page. He's a pretty political and funny dude. Check his Black History Month Tribute here!