Sunday, November 16, 2008


WOW! It's been a little over a week and I'm STILL speechless! I'm so overjoyed. You know...the funny/weird thing is...In this past week...I've seen so many people of color begin to work on getting their shit together...including myself. For me...seems like things are just falling into place and I totally give GOD the glory regarding that but there are so many other people who didn't thing that there would be someone who had overcome so many obstacles to actually WIN the Presidency. Everyone has said...THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOW! I love it! There was never an excuse in this century but people hid behind them. Now...they see...with their own eyes. It's like a miracle manifesting. I love it. You know what they say about GOD, in reference to him showing up....HE SHOWS OUT!!

There are still TONS of haters out there but this election has inspired so many.