Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday TV

Eww....have you ever gone back and read some of your posts and FREAKED over the spelling errors? I apologize. I can spell...honest. Apparently, I can't spell and think at once. (teehee)

Anyway....Caught Flavor of Love Charm School and you know....I used to be a Shay/Buckee Fan but the stuff they did today ticked me off. It's one thing to play pranks and totally another to let someone else take the fall. My new favorite is Leiline/Smiley. What's up with Safari? I mean...I don't mean to be judgemental but come on. If it's all that.....if you are that you spend 100plus dollars for UGG boots? Do you buy Multi-color weave? I'm just's suspect. The beauticians I know, make mad money....whether they get alot of clients are not. Wanna know who was kicked off? It was foul the way it went down, too. See for yourself...check out the episode. I hate I like this show.

Been wondering where Jill Scott has been. She got married and disappeared. I had to check out to see if there were any developments. JILL....WE MUST HAVE NEW SONGS! You too Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Mos Def and D'Angelo. What the hell is going on? Well, on the other end of ?uestlove of The Roots is that chick from England, Amy Winehouse and ya'll...this girl has soul. I'm digging her stuff. I wondered who the hell she was because gossip sites like tmz and perez hilton were constantly calling her crackhead like names. Whatever! with all that madness you'll love her. Check out her spot.

Did you guys see the video of that PUNK that carjacked the 91yr old WWII Vet and punched him in the face like 22 times? Where's the petition for this? This guy should never see the light of day again. Why don't we just bring back the chain-gang? That will scare people straight. Noone would even have to worry about getting raped in jail because they'd be too tire from earning their keep. I hard labor (work that this country pays illegal immigrants pennies to do), eat bread and water, black and white tv, old used books, and church all day. Jail should be punishment. And don't get me started on Paris Hilton.

My television was on VH-1 all weekend. Seriously, it's sad that VH-1 has replaced MTV in coolness. They (meaning VH-1) even play actual videos. WOW. Anyway...I was checking out Celebrity Fit Club because I need the inspiration but was supposed to be good today. Harvey went off and they REALLY had to hold him back. Screech is Pathetic. Check it out here.
I personally think he's there for TV's sake. I guess that's why they do reality shows anyway. At some point, shouldn't you care about what the general perception is of you? curious.... Oh and Kimberly Locke...I love you girl but I need to see the sistah in you slap his punk ass one time. From the looks of it Brat and Cletus (not Warren G.) has your back.

Hidden Beach records (the label that gave us Jill Scott) is set to release a debut LP from... Dr. Cornel West! It will probably be a spoken word album with lots of knowledge. Word has it that the album is set to feature Talib Kweli, Black Thought, KRS-One, Andre 3000, Rhymefest, Rah Digga, M-1 of Dead Prez, Prince, Dave Hollister, Malik Yusef, and Gerald Levert. If you don't know who Cornel West is....SHAME ON YOU! Check it out!

Did you check out VH-1's Rock Documentary, The Last Days of Left Eye? Pretty deep. It's funny....NOW the record company releases the album she wanted her American fans to hear. This business is UGLY! If you missed here.

Oh yeah....don't know if you know this but if you ever checked out unreleased cuts on TLC's Crazy Sexy Cool cd or you remember No Scrubs, you'd know to be on the look out for the new cd that Chilli's about to drop. She's got skills and I can't wait to check it out. I think she's gonna spill the beans on the Dallas Austin/Usher relationships in her music as well. Should be interesting.