Sunday, April 22, 2007


Barak Obama's wife, Michelle talking to the Chicago Tribune:

"I heard that growing up, 'You talk like a white girl,'"One of the things I hope happens through our involvement in this campaign is that this country and this world sees yet another image of what it means to be Black!

PRAISE THE LORD! Why is it that if you strive to be the best and do things like embrace CORRECT grammer, straigten your hair (fashionistas like to shake things up a bit) and hang out with anyone other than a Black person (because you are interested in surrounding yourself with quality individuals that include but isn't exclusive to Black people) are trying to be white? That's total B.S.! I always get this ish from Black people. Let me re-phrase that, I get that ish from Ghetto Black people and this one lady that confuses the hell out of me. She embraces the most ignorant rap songs known to man, throws around Less Brown quotes and tapes, lives in a "vanilla community," she's a minister and quick to berate and crack on people and loves throwing around that "n-word," and loves to tell me how "non-black I am. She's just a walking contradition to me but,...oh well. It's personal and she'll have to deal with he own issues. God knows I have enough of my own. You know, I never get criticized by upwardly mobile Blacks. I guess misery does love company. Anyway...I love the OBAMAS! I hope Barak wins. He certainly has my vote and I will do all I can in my community to make sure everyone is registered and votes.

Let's see, haven't blogged in a while. The neice is 2yrs old now and talking up a storm. Still can't quite make out some of the things she says but I just love to see her talk. Check out that do-do ball. Man, that takes me back. My sis, is well. She's getting her ass out of Atlanta Public Schools. THANK THA LAWD! I don't want her working with those bad ass kids. I can't wait to finally hit the lotto and make her sit down.

I entered an art show for independent artists in Atlanta last week and they rejected me. I was pissed. The boyfriend thinks we should bum-rush the show and set up anyway. I just want to go and see what made it if my work didn't. I finished another funky mug. This is my evolution of music mug and what I love most about it is my baby Prince on it. Prince is my fav. I've really taken to ceramics lately. I like that they are fired and permanent...unless the glass gets broken. That part sucks....but the process is time consuming.

You can't really see the rest but there are other influential artists going around that I feel made significant contributions to music on it. How can they turn that down? Maybe I'm just hating. Don't think I'm giving up on my dreams...I'm not. When I make it, I'll speak fondly about the time my work was regected by some Indie Artists. Like Diana Ross when she talks about the chorus teacher that told her she couldn't sing. I'll say...How ya like me now...BITCHES!

What do you think? Do you like it?

Anyway,...Flavor of Love Charm School is on tonight and Celeb Fit Club debut. Can't wait. Holla back.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I'm back! I'd been really bummed out about the death of my friend Ken. Thanks Grayse. (I have no way of getting in touch with you. Holla back)

While sulking in my emotional funk. God really has been working on me. A friend of mine said, A SETBACK, IS NOTHING BUT A SETUP FOR A COMEBACK! I love that.

It's my new thing. I'm on my way. I'm no longet bootleg. I'm legit. I am Incorporated. Way cool. I've got a tax id and everything. I want to make things happen. I'm GOING to make things happen.

I was watching the food channel the other day (which I never do because I can't cook and I'm always makes me wanna eat) Anyway, they did a biography on my favorite chef/cook. Nigella Lawson. I love her. (and not because she's white girl standards. she definitely isn't fat....hell, I wouldn't even call her healthy)

Anyway, she spoke of losing her mom to cancer, then her sister, and then her husband. Hell, I would've thought that I'd done something terrible in a past life or something had that been me. Nope, she took it all so noble-y (if that's a word). She said she was the luckiest person in the world. I was must be MAD (as the British would say). But nope, she said that it was such a blessing to have those people in her life. I thought,....what a beautiful way of looking at it. How "glass half full" of her? This is my new mission. I must adopt this more positive way of thinking. God loves me! Darn it, I need to start acting like it. So, here goes........