Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I'm back! I'd been really bummed out about the death of my friend Ken. Thanks Grayse. (I have no way of getting in touch with you. Holla back)

While sulking in my emotional funk. God really has been working on me. A friend of mine said, A SETBACK, IS NOTHING BUT A SETUP FOR A COMEBACK! I love that.

It's my new thing. I'm on my way. I'm no longet bootleg. I'm legit. I am Incorporated. Way cool. I've got a tax id and everything. I want to make things happen. I'm GOING to make things happen.

I was watching the food channel the other day (which I never do because I can't cook and I'm always makes me wanna eat) Anyway, they did a biography on my favorite chef/cook. Nigella Lawson. I love her. (and not because she's white girl standards. she definitely isn't fat....hell, I wouldn't even call her healthy)

Anyway, she spoke of losing her mom to cancer, then her sister, and then her husband. Hell, I would've thought that I'd done something terrible in a past life or something had that been me. Nope, she took it all so noble-y (if that's a word). She said she was the luckiest person in the world. I was must be MAD (as the British would say). But nope, she said that it was such a blessing to have those people in her life. I thought,....what a beautiful way of looking at it. How "glass half full" of her? This is my new mission. I must adopt this more positive way of thinking. God loves me! Darn it, I need to start acting like it. So, here goes........


Luke Cage said...

Kudos to the reawakening, and the re-emergence to a new perspective on looking at life. The quote you referenced "A SETBACK, IS NOTHING BUT A SETUP FOR A COMEBACK!" is by a man named Willie Jolley. It's actually on my signature on my Yahoo account. It's a great quote!

Just recently, I was discussing the death of my mother, my girlfriend and one of my homies and how they all passed on, with me holding their hands! I never noticed that until this past weekend that they went into the next life stealthily without a brotha. I merely walked them to the door.

It really woke me up miss Jazz. Here's to a new beginning. Have a great weekend too!

Just Me said...

That's my girl!!! You know if you ever need any help looking on the positive side of things that I'm here for ya!

I'm so happy that you're legit now. I know how long it's been that you've been trying to get your tax id and such.

Oh...and you know who I just have to think of one phrase to know who this is...

"THANK YOU JESUS!!!" :) Love ya!

Carmen said...

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princessdominique said...

Hey Missy, you are soooo hard to get. I have a radio question. Contact me.

Jazz said...

thanks know, my friend totally bit that quote like it was his. good looking out.