Monday, February 21, 2005


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Have you guys been checking out PROJECT RUNWAY? I am so addicted. The best reality show since,.....AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL. (sorry guys....I HATE SURVIVOR AND AMERICAN IDOL style shows).

Anyway, Wendy is the one that I initally wanted to win. She's in her 40's with a family and a little seamstress shop. She was like an American Dream. She turned into an evil BI-YATCH! Kara has to win. Jay is cool too. I just can't stand Wendy. Opinions, please.

Ooo,...WICKEDLY PERFECT is pretty interesting, too. These reality shows demand that you are at least TALENTED!!!

Did you see DIVA EVA (AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL) on VH-1's BEST WEEK EVER talking about her new role on Kevin Hill? I hate Taye Diggs and now I'm gonna have to watch it just to catch her. Oh well...

Edited: I vowed to focus on CSI because I am so OVER Donald Trump. I heard the street smart team was kickin' ass. YOU GO TEAM!! I hate snobs.

Job update....things are WEIRD at work. My boss has been nice to me. She seems concerned about me and everything. I think I'm gonna get fired. (smile) No, but really. She has been oddly okay to work with. I am waiting for her to flip the script on me.

This other lady I work with (the receptionist), overheard me and this really cool new friend I met talking about Diets and the lives of the FLUFFY. This bi-yatch actually walked to us and asked if we had EVER BEEN "NORMAL SIZED!" ****okay, my mouth dropped exactly like yours**** I had to laugh to keep from going the FUCK off. So I started in with the "You know, Monique said, SKINNY BITCHES ARE EVIL!" You just proved her right. Then she was all like,....."I didn't mean it like that. I am so sorry." I am trying to believe her. I just don't want to think anyone is that damn walk up to 2 fluffy girls and say that.....DEATHWISH!

Then I have this male co-worker that keeps making advances. I observed him being a bit of an...naw alot of an ASSHOLE to some other co-workers. I am the one that gets pissed off and goes off on him. I guess he likes things like that so he started trying to walk up on me. I told him that I was involved with someone and I wasn't interested. He seemed to take it well. Things were fine. He doesn't even say, "HI." This is fine as well. But now, whenever he goes to the copier (which is near my desk) he tries to act as if he is going for my breasts or just get close to me like he's going in for a kiss. He totally envades my personal space. I push him away and threaten to tell. He apologizes and walks off only to do it again. Today, I walked into his office to get a software disc and he was watching porn on his computer and said,..."Look!" (instructing me to look at the computer screen) Then he pointed to his crotch. (his erection almost pertruding through his pants) MY MOUTH DROPPED! Shocked at first, then I was like.....WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SHOW THAT LITTLE THING OFF? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! I snickerd. He appeared embarrased, I began to laugh and walked out and of course, never got the disc.

Here's the weird thing. I know it's sexual harrassment. It does bother me. Women here, throw themselves at he's a major WHORE MUTT (male slut). It's cool. I hoped that the attention he gets would kinda keep the focus off me. For the most part it works. There are some isolated incidents but for the most part.....he leaves me alone. I told him I had mase. Maybe that helped? who knows.....

Then there is the problem with my staff who....check it....HAVEN'T BEEN INFORMED THAT I AM THEIR BOSS! Yep, I know....part of my problem here. It is crazy but this is only temporary, I know.

with all this DRAMA.....see why I am always talking about a dam cocktail?


Casey said...

hey Jazz.. Whatcha think of "The Apprentice".???

Funkeedva said...

Wow, this was a dense blog. :) We are no longer friends b/c u do not watch American Idol. And the fluffy comment???? You were right, my mouth was DEAD OPEN like WHAAAAAAA???????

And for Mr. Porno at work lil penis....ummm tell on him! UGH! You may be able to handle it, but he may be torturing someone else who is not as strong. :( UGH!

Nikki said...

I can't stand Wendy on Project Runway. She is one conniving heffa. Ain't no way she should have been in the final 3. Austin should have her spot. His designs were better than hers, but Kara Saun's creations were better than all of them if you ask me.

Larry D. Lyons II said...

i LOVED the 2 or 3 episodes of project runway that i've seen. unfortunately, i'm on a strict reality television diet that only allows 2 per season. right now, i'm committed to missy's UPN show and american idol.

i too have had my fill of taye diggs and his GODAWFUL show, and i fear that not even my favorite top model could get me to watch it.

about the harassment... sweetheart, if you're not going to be more procactive about using professional protocol to keep this guy in check, at least do this: document the instances in graphic detail. it may be little more than a nuissance right now, but you never know what the future might hold.

love ya!

Brownsoul said...

"This bi-yatch actually walked to us and asked if we had EVER BEEN 'NORMAL SIZED!'"

Say huh?! Dem fightin' words...haha

I've never seen Project Runway, but I'm a huge America's Next Top Model fan. And I'm sorry to admit that Making the Band II used to be my show, so now I'm caught up in the re-runs on MTV U.

Sivad said...

ooh, they're coming out with making the band (girls) next week. and new ANTM!! and i love project runway! i'll be glued to the screen tomorrow. order of choice, 1) kara saun 2) jay 3) evileen (wendy)
oh, and eva will be on kevin hill...but as his latest conquest. i wonder how long her role on the show will actually last. can't she do something else?? like
and i can't believe that woman at your job! what a foot in mouth comment. dummy
and that sexual harassment prick! he just may need to be turned in. sometimes people won't learn until they're taught a lesson.
ahh, it's good to be back. i've missed reading u, i'm trying to get back on track :)

G. Cornelius Harris said...

Man I miss all the good shows...I'll keep you posted

Kim said...

Normal sized?! I would of hit the bitch.

He sexually harrassed you? I would have hit the bitch.

You're much more restrained than me Jazz. :o) But I do agree that if you don't turn him in now you should definately keep a detailed account (time, date) of what he's said and done in case he gets out of hand.

Mary said...

I can't stand Wendy. They kept her around for the ratings. They have that disclaimer at the end of the show that says the rulings were not only based on the judges decisions but the producers as well. They didn't want a Kara/Austin/Jay lovefest at the end.

I don't think she'll win - she sucks. That postal uniform? Good Lord. I laughed when Michael Kors called it "Farty" ... I can't wait for tonight.

"Normal sized" - UGH.
Porno boy - UGH.

Set those 2 up on a date.

Sunnchine said...

I'm so excited that Eva's going to be on Kevin Hill tonight. The next cycle of ANTM starts next week, or the week after. yaaay!

Now, about the dumb-ass lady at your job, that was a good come back for her punk ass. How ignorant can you be to think that woudn't be offensive? What a friggin prick!

And speaking of punk ass prick's, ol dude needs to get a clue. WHY O WHY would he walk around the office showing off his pencil-sized penis? Ugh. I'm with the others, I think you should tell on him.

plotty said...

eva was sexxy as hell on the show tonight..i don't even watch kevin hill, but tuned in to see eva. she did a really good job.

Fresh! said...

Ha...errybody is straight trippin in here....I've have seen about 10 sec of ATM, but apparently this show is hot!!

...and I thought I was buggin' at work...LOL


Liza Valentino said...

Eva? Did I miss it??

Tha G Perspective said...

I ended up by my friends house and was forced into watching Project runway with her and her other friend for ten minutes. I can't say that I was interested but I did like the black chic's reaction to Wendy when she came into the W. That was pretty funny. Anyway it's good to see you have a little romance at work.

Dayrell said...

Dang you're a reality tv junkie...LOL! And I thought I was bad...shieeeet!

WOOOOOOOOW! Eva did the damn thang on Kevin Hill tonight! I'm like Brutha-free...I don't watch K. Hill either (kinna think the show is lame)...but I sure did tune in tonite just to see her "and her acting abilties". And WOW! (oh, already said that huh??!)...she was the shizznit! Made mama soo proud *tear*. That's my girl! Oooh and she was bad too...kissing all on Taye like that, LOL. Mmmmmm..

LOL! Girl you crack me up with the folks at your job. Your workplace sounds a lot like mine, a freakin' circus!!!...*puzzled*...mayne why does corporate america have to have ALL the

And LOL @ that dude getting a boner while looking at porno DEAD at that mess is funny!!!!

Dayrell said...

ps: don't shake his

Sivad said...

jazz, what'd you think of the project runway finale?

Yolie said...

I'm reading and all the way down I keep asking myself, "WTF?" Now, I'm finished and I'm still asking that same question.

The skinny bitch who asked the question (I bedda quit you might put me in the same category) and Mr. I-wanna-nut-so-bad are too much. If he's such a slut why is he having to view porn for his hard-on? Slut. LOL I just like using the word. Excuse me. All sluts please rise.

Okay, I'm out. LOL

PrayerWarrior said...

Yo! Why was the brotha watching porn at work?? Issues galore. I was laughing on that. "Normal sized?" thats like 5 insults all wrapped up in 1. I would have had to have said something...You handled it tho.

Floyd Heyward said...

Sorry for omitting to sign - I posted the above.