Thursday, September 02, 2004


KOBE,....YOU GOT A 2ND CHANCE....DON'T FUCK IT UP! Shouldn't have been out screwing around in the 1st place,....and doing some freaky shit, no less. SHAME ON YOU!


Just Me said...

Yeah, Kobe may have gotten a 2nd chance...but I'll tell you what, if he wants to fuck up again...give him my address. That girl knows she agreed to have sex with that man...Just look at him!! Who wouldn't? (Not a question for the guys) I would love to have one night with him. And I wouldn't even holler rape...well... unless it was role playing. Tee hee.

Casey said...

Jazz and Mandy, yall are off the chain?!?!?

G. Cornelius Harris said...

She didn't have a case...I'll keep you posted