Friday, September 03, 2004

In the immortal words of Fiona Apple,..."THIS WORLD IS BULLSHIT!"

Yahoo! News - World - Reuters
Yahoo! News - World - Reuters : "

Fri Sep 3,11:18 AM ET

A volunteer carries a small child after special forces stormed a school seized by heavily armed masked men and women in the town of Beslan in the province of North Ossetia near Chechnya (news - web sites) , September 3, 2004. A hundred or more people were killed when Russian troops stormed a school on Friday in a chaotic battle to free parents, teachers and children who had been held hostage for 53 hours by Chechen separatists. (Stringer/Russia/Reuters) "

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? GOD MUST CRY AND SHAKE HIS HEAD, SEEING HOW THE CHILDREN "HE MADE," ARE JUST DESTROYING THE WORLD "HE MADE," AS WELL AS DERSTROYING ONE ANOTHER. AH! THE NEGATIVE THINGS WE DO WITH HIS BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF FREE WILL! WE OWE GOD MUCH MORE THAN THIS. AS A PEOPLE, AS GOD'S KIDS,....WE SUCK! WE TOTALLY DON'T DESERVE THE LOVE HE GIVES US,... ON A DAILY BASIS! I just get pissed and have to vent. The situations in the world, the conflicts,....usually BULLSHIT! People think they are fighting for GODS SAKE and usually it's only for their OWN BULLSHIT AGENDA'S. I apologize for cussing and judging, it upsets me that "WE" (meaning myself and everyone who's guilty) take life and GOD's LOVE for granted.


Casey said...

Bless those Children

G. Cornelius Harris said...

That is one of the sadddddddddddest sites I have ever seen...I'll keep you posted

Jazz said...

Sorry G! Didn't mean to break your Date Weekend High. I woke up and BAM! in my face and I had to react.

Just Me said...

You know...thinking about it...ever since Eve's retarded behind bit the friggin apple, humanity has been going downhill. It's about gotten to the point of where you are tempted to ask, "How much worse can we get?" It's sad they way people are nowadays, especially towards children. That's what really breaks my heart. I know you didn't mean this as a sad post, but a venting one, just thought I'd let ya know how I feel about it. Love ya!! :)

Gitana said...

Very can't possibly get any worse...

I really enjoyed reading your blog today. You have a wonderful way of putting thoughts and emotions into words...I share many of your opinions about God, family, men,friendships and adult beverages, : ) lol Stay strong, God Bless
p.s. I miss my momma too