Thursday, September 09, 2004

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Apocalypse said...

(formerly known as Kool Rock Ski) you have this ting about Bush don't you??? Do you think that is fellown Skull N Bones member will be any diffrent??? Its all about capital and resources...who is Kerry married to and where is she from??? It's going to be interesting after this election. I never have been a Rebublican and I think Bush is a loser that has ridden family influence his entire life...Yale?!?!? Hell he can't even speak. But Kerry has yet to articualte a position that he didn't change his story on a day later...hell he voted for the war.

Jazz said...

I know, but look what Bush has done with his 4years,....we are at war, we are throwing away billions, alot of people are out of jobs despite what the polls say, and apparently Americans can only visit Jamaica.

P.S. That was the inside of a Paris album jacket,...It's ironic how history repeats itself.