Wednesday, September 01, 2004


THE NEW JILL SCOTT CD IS 'DA BOMB!!!' YOU NEVER THINK AN ARTIST CAN RECREATE THE MAGIC OF THEIR FIRST CD (SOPHOMORE JINX)(oh yeah, and i know she had a live cd before this but that doesn't count really because it wasn't all new material)....BUT THIS TIME AROUND, JILL LEAVES ME SPEECHLESS. I JUST HAD TO BE ONE OF THOSE DORKS THAT MEET THE SALSEPEOPLE AT THE DOOR AS SOON AS THE STORE OPENS. (SORRY! IT WAS JILL, ...OK?!) THE CD IS WELL WORTH THE MONEY. ACTUALLY, IF YOU ASKED ME,....JILL GOT JIPPED. GET IT OR YOU ARE A TOTAL LOSER! (COME ON,....IT'S JILL!) JILL SCOTT BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN Words and Sounds.Posted by Hello (fun with highlighting, i'm really not a sped,....I just LOVE JILL!)okay,.....and not in a gay way either. =)


G. Cornelius Harris said...

I 2nd that...I'll keep you posted

Impervious said...

I agree, you're "twin cousin" has a tight CD. Not emotionally ready to listen to some of the songs, but this CD will be in my playlist for a long time.

I'm so in love with Jill (dayum that Lyzell!). But on the real, I love her work and applaud her life.

obifromsouthlondon said...

Saw jill scott three years ago. I've never been to such an intimate concert. It was jam packed and the concert wasnt even promoted. The woman can engage a crowd. Met her on the after the concert (groupie love) and had to do the extra and give her a hug. ok my claim to fame ;-)

The new CD is hot like that. rewind selecta.