Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The SUCKI-YUKiness!

What's the Sucki-Yukiness? WORK! Hurricane, now Tropical Depression Frances has poured rain all over my town. It's supposed to be this way until sometime Wednesday. Since there is so much potential for flooding,...I just knew I wasn't gonna have to go to work today. SIKE! that's the sucki-yuckiness of it all. It's raining non-stop. I so love the rain. It makes you wanna just chill and cuddle the covers. There's a certain peace to it all,....that is until you have to go to WORK!

I am not a patient person and the worst thing about my job on days like today is ...SMART ASS KIDS! Kids that are out of school because of the weather, that are not being parented and have nothing better to do than to call and harass me ALL DAY wanting to give shout outs to 'EARL AN NE'M' (EVERYBODY AND THEIR MAMA), playing on the phone saying dumb shit while their friends on 3 way snicker in the background.....oh and to hear/ request Eminem, Britney and Juvenile. (eeewwww) Ever wonder why the request lines are ALWAYS busy? This usually means that someone has pissed off the dj. I'm taking it off the hook today.

Well, Gotta get ready

***digging nails in the floor, while being dragged to work***

...I'll holla at you guys later today.

Ps. Yo 'G,' How did the date go?


Casey said...

My day sucks too Jazz!!! I need to just settle myself down for a while.. Call me later

Impervious said...

I sulked in the solemnity of this soggy-day. Nevertheless, I got some well needed rest. Hang in there, Jazz. I'll take an extra nap for you ;)

G. Cornelius Harris said...

The date was priceless...I'll keep you posted

Kool Rock Ski said...

Thanks for the great post on my page! Rain is in my top 5 things of life...unless it makes your drive to work 2hours.

G. Cornelius Harris said...

It was priceless...I'll keep you posted