Friday, December 03, 2004


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Kay, so,....I was trying to catch up on my "BLOG POSSE'S" BLOGS and stopped by WILL's place and he just HAD to take me back to the days of CEREAL LOVE! I used to go through like a gallon of milk in a weekend ( I can't even go near it. 2 words.....lactose intolerant). I wanted NO FOOD, just cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We would sit in front of the TV for HOURS! The days when MTV really was MUSIC TELEVISION. Ahhh,....GOOD TIMES!!!

Anyway, so I am reading WILL's blog and for some strange ass reason,...I start singing the dam HONEYCOMB cereal song,...AT MY DESK! (of the NEW job) So, I'm all like....Honeycombs BIG,..yeah yeah yeah! BIG BIG taste with the BIG BIG bite!

then for some reason,....another commercial pops into my head and I say, "HEY KOOL-AID! OOH YEAH!"

just as my NEW boss turns the corner. ****i could have sh*t bricks****
I think she thinks this job is really too much for me now.

So anyway,...the whole cereal thing got me thinking about cartoons. JEM was my favorite. Remember the song,....JEM she's truely amazing, truely truely truely outrageous! This was my favorite cartoon back in the 80's. Not 70's, because hands down would be FAT ALBERT. Do you remember "Oh Mighty ISIS" or "SHAZAM!" or those commercials for saturday like,...."THEY CALL ME YUCK MOUTH! CAUSE I DON'T BRUSH!?"

Ahhh! 80's Nostalgia! Why oh why do I retain such useless information like this ......and I can't remember when to pay a dam bill?


Will said...

WOWWWWW..FAT ALBERT!!!! The Brown Hornet was my nucca!!!! I absolutely loved that show! And as much as I loved it, I am soooooo not looking forward to the movie coming out this month. The trailer looks horrible!

Thanks for the shout out! And for expanding my wonderful memories of childhood...Have a great weekend!

Sivad said...

OOOOH, I loved Jem! did you have the Jem dolls too? *giggle*

Phin Samuels said...

I used to watch Kid Video...I think that was what it was called...while I waited for Thundar the Barbarian.

Jazz said...

Will,...everyone knows that movie is gonna be GARBAGE! They should have done an animated version.

Sivad,...I wanted Jem and all the Hologram dolls. Now I want it on DVD. They don't make Saturday TV like that anymore.

Phin,....Was kid video the name? Who knew. I just remember that stupid red t-shirt trimmed in yellow with the lightening bolt,....totally low budget.

Dayrell said...

First of all, I agree...all hail to FAT of the greatest cartoons alive hands down. NO doubt!!

Wow you bought back soooo many memories Jazz!! Maaaan I miss the 80's. I use to love watching Jem on Saturday mornings to along with the Transformers...that was my ish!

LOL @ you singing the KOOL AID song at work. You are toooo crazy girl!!

G. Cornelius Harris said...

FAT ALBERT was the sh!t...I'll keep you posted

Sunnchine said...
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Sunnchine said...

Will's right. I'm not really looking forward to that Fat Albert movie coming out - but the cartoon used to be my show!

I know this is more 90's, but I used to watch THUNDERCATS. "Thunder, Thun-der, Thun-der, Thun-derCATS!"

Apocalypse said...

Thunder Cats HO!!!! Yeah being a latch key kid I have a serious TV addiction...its like a sibling. What about The Great Space Coaster??? or What about Kids Incorportated (singing)!!! it wasnt a cartoon but it came on early saturday mornings. Danger Mouse, Dragons Layer or the Gary Coleman cartoon where he was a angle named LaBeau. GI Joe...with Lady J and Road of 2 blacks in the Army...what a joke. The Herculoids. Hulk Hogans Rockin Wrestling with the JYD....what yall know about the JYD? ?? Thump! Thump!! Richie Rich, or Turbo Teen. Ok...back to reality.