Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I'm kinda superstitious. I've had this thing about THE NEW YEAR! I have to, I must come up with resolutions and I have to have them printed before 12am of 2006. I have done this since I can remember,...elementary school or something. The resolutions never really come true but it has become sort of a ritual,...a tradition, if you will. It has become just as manditory as the Christmas Tree in my life. (is that sad?) Anyway, I do it in hopes that they (my resolutions) manifest. I like to kick off the year with a positive outlook. My list is mostly ALWAYS the same......

1. Get closer to GOD (shoot for church EVERY Sunday and maybe Bible Study monthly)
2. Eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight
3. Gain control of the finances and start making my money work for me (pay EVERYTHING on time to better
credit, etc.)
4. Try to think & stategize before speaking (your words may be used against you)
5. Give Back - Voluteer
6. Visit the family in Atlanta at least once a month (family is important,i guess)
7. Take a trip out of the state or country once a year
8. Experience one thing that I would normally be closed to
(a food dish, a bar,a genre of music, hairstyle, event,etc.)
9.Try to divert drama and negative energy
(not letting the drama of others affect me)
10.Do something for self AT LEAST once a week
(buy something new (clothes, cds,etc.), read a book and learn something
about self, culture or heritage, go out to a lavish dinner with a friend,
new hair-do, a movie, massage, spa treatment, etc)

I guess it's that whole,..."Today is the first day of the rest of your life" kinda thing.

So,...what are your goals for the new year?

****by the way,...consider this my list for 2006*****


Meka said...

Believe it or not, my New Years resolution is not to make resolutions. I always do and I never stick to them and then I end up feeling bad about it. This year I'm just going to do my best in everything I set out to do. That's all we can ask of ourselves. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Casey said...

I have kept the same three since I was around 17 or 18

1. Get closer to GOD
2. Read the BIBLE more!!!
3. Find a job that I enjoy doing or go back to school and stick with it, so I can make some $$$

ManNMotion said...

I just wanted to say you have some good resolutions, lots of getting out of the comfort zone stuff on there. Go for it!

Sunnchine said...

Good resolutions girl! I haven't even thought about that yet...shoot, I still haven't thought about Christmas shopping yet so I got some catching up to do, lol.

I might steal some of yours though! *wink*

Farmer said...

Resolutions do work, but we sometimes over estimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in a month

Dayrell said...

Your resolutions are definitely on point J. I haven't written mine yet, and for some reason I dread doing so b/c there is like a-million-and-one (and some change) that I have to write out, so it takes me all damn day, lol.

Anyway, right on!!...(with #3)...I'm considering the same resolution myself. 'Cause a sista can't continue to stay broke these days, lol.


G. Cornelius Harris said...

1. Get closer to GOD
Thats all you need to put down there and everything else will fall in place...I'll keep you posted

**Christen** said...

My only resolution is to keep allowing God to use me and get closer to him...

Apocalypse said...

I dont do 'New Years" resolutions...cause I dont belive in them...I think every day is the start of a new year so I do them on a regular basis. Your resolution list is the same as mine...well basically, and its been the same for 10-15 years.

Jdid said...

My one resolution is to win the lottery. lol

seriously, I dont usually do the resolution thing because it'd probably take 5 seconds before I broke them. I am somewhat introspective about life in the past year as the new year roles around though and thank God he's brought me through this one and hope that he'll let me survive another one in good health and with minimum drama.

Anonymous said...

just to be happy. truly happy. i haven't been that since i finished school - about '98. but i have hope for this year, as i just started a new job, that is shaping up to be fun, cool and pretty stress free.

Roman Verone® said...

I don't do well with resolutions so I try to avoid making them..... but I can't resist. and respect GOD
2.Leave my CRAPPY job,(Bossman is cool)
3.Take as many college classes as possible(pre-Med)
4.Spend more time with my Girlfriend.
5.become more social.
6.Stop being An easy target(PUSHOVER)
7.Make Three businesses in my home town FEAR me!
8.Start my own business.

Sivad said...

one of my goals for the new year is to eat at least one serving of vegetables a day. (that's pretty sad huh, but life as a young single just isn't conducive to actually cooking often)