Tuesday, December 07, 2004


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Kanye West got 10 Grammy Nods with Usher and Alicia getting 8. This is amazing. I know there are alot of Kanye Haters out there but I love it when people use their art/blessings for GOOD. No gang bangin', No Pimps and HO's, No Flexing and Bling, No Hard, Fake, Ghetto, Commercial Crap to sell records. His album seemed humbling. You gotta respect that.

If the hiphop station that I was to be thrown on played artists like Kanye, Mos Def, etc. (conscious, positive, of some usefull substance, etc.) I would have been cool with it.

So,...big shots out to creativity and positivity. Congrats Kanye!
*****since this post,....some interesting things have come to light. Sorry for that guys. jazz


Sivad said...

I really like Kanye 1) cuz he's from chicago and 2) cuz he's a great producer and anything he touches turns to gold, but i must say that people fail to realize that if there were baskets for lyrics that featured negative messages, Kanye's butt would be in there too. Don't forget about his Kanye's Workout Plan, and definitely not on his "school is for fools" message, joke or not. Get in the basket.
Now Mos Def is a whole nother story. He has had his moments, but on the whole is much more positive all around.

Jazz said...

OOPSY,...Sivad,...you are right and someone just checked me on an award that he bitched about not winning. I was going by that one song "Jesus Walks." My bad.

N. Kenyatta Gray said...
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Jdid said...

I like Kayne and congratulate him too. But yea I had real issues with the dropout of school line he was pushing on the album. Nce album , lyrics are pretty good, nice vibe but just the overall message was questionable.

Farmer said...

You give to much credit to West and his band of misguided brothers. How do you rap for Jesus with $30,000.00 worth of shit around your neck? I guess that is what Jesus would. Miles was an artist, even with his demons. Would you like to hear a West tune played at the birth of your niece. Do you think his workout song (I can't remember the name) will ever be used to stimulate the brain of a new born. You maybe claiming art but it's just hype with no substance. Just "alot of suckers with colorful names"-----KRS-1.

Dayrell said...

I agree with Sivad on Mos Def. Now that is one talented brutha!

LoL @ Glibness's crazy ass!

Oh yea, and definitely congrads to Kanye for doing big thangs...he's truly talented!

FaVoRiTE NigHTmARe said...

Kanye is the one...for real. I got mad respect 4 that brutha.