Monday, April 04, 2005


Image hosted by IT'S VING, SUCKA!! I am so digging the new KOJAK. I think its a great show to chill with while USA works on new episodes of MONK. When the Michael Anthony Hall Show debuted on USA, (funny, I can't think of the name of it now) I was so digging that show and after the first season, got sucky.

*****what WAS the name of that show? (it's bothering me now)******

Image hosted by so, Sundays nights are great TV nights for me. I watched the Surreal Life 4 where they aired the Dirty Laudry and the funny thing to me is that DA BRAT doesn't know that she's APPARENTLY a HAS BEEN, TOO. Actually, I don't think of any of the stars on that show, (at least show 4) as "has beens." I think they are on the brink of another HIT in their career or they are gonna MISS it and fall. I really felt that BRAT was RUDE and UNnecessarly MEAN! Speaking of SURREAL......DID U HEAR?!!!!!

Image hosted by OMAROSA, JANIS DIKINSON & PEPA (salt n pepa) will move in the SURREAL house for the SURREAL LIFE 5!! THAT IS GONNA BE SO EXPLOSIVE!! I am so excited. 2 divas and you know PEPA ain't gonna take their ish. Guess who esle is in the house? Jose Canseco (the dude that pissed off everyone in baseball by writing a 'tell all' book), Balcky from Perfect Strangers (Bronson Pinchot), some pro dirt bike dude and some british model. CRAZY!!! You know what? It would be funny as hell if they threw like, Suge Knight, RU PAUL and Grace Jones in that house......just a thought.

Image hosted by and Sundays just keep getting better because the WB has been teasing the return of COLE on CHARMED!! This is so cool. This is my Sunday addiction. speaking of addiction......

Image hosted by OMG!!! Did you see this show tonight? I so love this show. Okay,...first off......

Bre should kick her sons ass and then let his dad at him. Oh yeah and dad so wouldn't be living with me after the cheating and all.

Susan, I know everyone loves her but she is sort of a ding bat. I begin to like Edie more and more with every episode. Why didn't she just read the freaking letter?

Lynette should have told the deaf lady what her husband said about her so she wouldn't have gotten cursed out via sign language, interpreted by a little girl. They know they need some Black folks on that street.

Gabrielle, my favorite housewife.....she doesn't deny herself anything. This is why I love her character so. So, why did I wanna give her some dap for serving her husband up to go to jail?

The writers for this show are AMAZING.

Image hosted by went to the ATL for the night so YOLIE, don't get mad. I just had to see the little one. My sister kept teasing me telling me how different she looks, how much she's changed and how she's growing. It totally worked because I hit the road. Even with those high ass gas prices.....thanks BUSH, you MF and all your DUMB ass supporters. I swear, everytime I see a dam W on a car, I wanna ram their asses from behind because that's exactly what this government is doing to the AMERICAN PUBLIC. I'm about to hit the sheets but I really enjoyed chillin' tonight, bloggin and listening to DWELE coutesy of HONEYSOUL.**how does she do it?**

oh yeah, gotta say this......

I got really caught up in the Terri S. case(k-star, you were on point). I hurt for her. People say they believe in GOD and they say they wouldn't want to suffer. It's not for US to decide. We are GOD's kids, his creations. GOD DECIDES! Who knows what kind of advancements scientists could come up with in the next couple of years. For all we know, Terri didn't even know she was a vegetable. She could have been living out a fabulous life in another parallel universe. WHO KNOWS? People said that she died 15yrs ago....BULLSHIT! She died and was revived. I know, I know, there are people that say that if you believe in the Bible....we should honor what her husband wanted (and what HE claimed she wanted). If you throw the Bible up to defend Mike S. then you must consider that HE had to be an HONORABLE man.....WHICH HE ISN'T!!! Just ask the girlfriend/baby mama. Why does this bother me so? WELL, DUH.....STARVING SOMEONE TO DEATH!!! Certainly not like unplugging life-support. Her brain worked well enough to tell her to breath. I guess I'm upset because this can happen to anyone. I thought about her laying in a bed and HIM starting over, collecting money from the malpractice and now from the life insurance policy. Movies come to mind......"A thin Line between love and hate" and "the divine secrets of the YAYA Sisterhood." In YAYA Sisterhood......all I thought about was the quote and motto for relationships...."LET NO MAN PUT US UNDER!" (in reference to guys and girls). In a thin line......a woman was lied to, hurt and betrayed, this set off a chain of events that led people to believe that she, 'brandi' (lynn whitfield) was the bad guy. i saw her as fed up. ****in my defense, i WAS engaged to the anti-christ**** anyway, that movie left me thinking.....HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED!

Mike S. I hope she haunts your triflin' ass FOREVER! ......YA-YA!

*this is why I am NOT married (and don't wanna be).....serious TRUST and BETRAYAL issues*

and WHOA!!!! .....isn't it funny (not haha, but weird) how death comes in 3's?


Dam, It's 3am. Should I call in sick?

......MAKE THAT 5AM.


plotty said...

surreal life is going to be off the chain next show!

Danja said...

Is it possible, or could you consider as a possibility, that she did indeed tell her husband that she didnt want to be that way, and 15 years later, her body because the center of a media psectacle, because her parents were too selfish to let her go?

Is it possible that science was not working with God in this instance, but against Him?

Is it possible, that after 15 years of being 2 breaths away from being a corpse, that Terri might have finally gotten her wish?

I think a lot of people want to be mad, want to look at the husband and place blame, want to bring up God and religion, but the things is, people die like this everyday. Everyday someone is signing a DNR order or telling a loved one to not let them become a vegetable. I think the tragedy here is that Terri didn't put her wishes in writing or on recording because this would have been solved years ago.

it is natural for humans to grieve the loss of loved ones, or dwhatever needs to be done to keep loved ones with us, in whatever capacity. But sometimes, we have to look inside of ourselves and think about the motivations. More often than not, it is pretty selfish. Feel me?

Just pondering the possibilities that not many people seem to be giving real consideration. =)

Jazz said...
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Jazz said...

it's possible.....anythings possible.

i just don't buy it.

2 breaths away from a corpse is fine. if she stopped breathing fine. he said this was what she wanted, i can't imagine anyone wanting to starve to death.

i just don't buy it.

it's cool though,....he'll have to answer for it.

Diva said...

When a DNR is signed, it's clear. No gray areas at all. But in the cases where there's no DNR in place, I don't think that anyone else should be deciding whether or not a person should be starved to death. In I Corinthians 3:16, 17 we read, "Do you not know that you are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy and this is what you are."

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2 says, "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven - a time to give birth, and a time to die."

Diva said...

Oh know I love Desperate Housewives girl! The Surreal Life with Chyna and the gang was a trip! LOL Did u see Brat go off on her blind date after he hurled?? lmao
I liked Celebrity Fit Club too.

Liza Valentino said...

Call me what you will but I cannot feel sympathy for Terry. To me, she desecrated her temple and caused herself to be in that state. I think that her family should pay more attention to trying to get the word out and prevent other women from falling trap to the eating disorder that ultimately took Terry's life.

Casey said...



Brownsoul said...

I love the surreal life. It's my new addiction, but I'm sad that celebrity fit club is over. That Harvey was something else...

Now, as for Terry, I agree with a lot that was said here, but I'm gonna leave it alone. No need to create a post in your comment section that echoes everybody else...haha. But I will say "May she rest in peace."

Suezette b.k.a. Mz.Black Geisha said...

1. The name of the show was Dead Zone

2. Girl Dirty Laundry was funny as hell!! Da Brat needs to get it together...I don't recall her last two albums going anywhere especially not platinum

3. Surreal Life 5 is finna be off the chain. I see Pepa whooping Omarosa right now!!!

4. I need to check out kojak

Nikki said...

Pepa is soooo gonna put the smack down on Omarosa and Janice Dickenson on their upcoming season of The Surreal Life. And Da Brat needs to get a fuckin' clue. She hasn't had a hit in years. At least Jane of the GoGo's is still writing and producing.

Me said...

OK, I love Erving (Ving Rhames) he's so very sexy and I think the life scars make him even hotter to me. (I have issues.) The fact that he has a new show on USA is almost making me wish I didn't break down the cable plan to the most basic of basic ... of basic. I will have to live it vicariously through someone else. Or just cammando my friend's TV. "Move!" *remote snatchies*

I have just had the displeasure of watching not one, but two episodes of The Surreal Life at other people's homes. I just can't get into it. As with me and most "reality TV," it's just not for me. Though anything with both Janis and Omarosa on it, deserves at least a look. Oh wait ... what channel does it come on? I don't think I have that one either. Never mind. lol

Terry Finley said...

Nice Blog. Thank You.

I think the gas prices are
(legal) robbery.

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Terry Finley

courtneyelizabeth said... is super cute! :)
And i cant wait for the Surreal life.....mad Da Brat had the nerve to say that people couldnt tell whether what's her name was a boy or girl. Da brat is kinda MANISH herself.....and DEFINATELY a has been...*sigh*....

Brownsoul said...

BTW the little one is soooooooo cute. You must be proud!

Dayrell said...

A.) DANG I can't WAIT to see the Surreal Life 5! *anxious* With Omarosa and Janis in the house together, I KNOW there's going to be some fights up in that piece. lol. *getting ready to set Tivo*

B.) The baby is sooooo cute. *Awww* I'm expecting more pics Jazz. Pretty pleeease. *smile*

C.) Da brat needs a STRAIGHT reality check. She's UN-Funkdafied now?

D.) I think I'm one of the only people in American who don't watch Desperate House Wives. *dodging tomatoes* I only seen like one or 2 episodes. It sounds good though. I gotta peep it more often.

E.) High gas prices SUCK. We're b/t 2.30 and 2.40 out here in southern Cali.

F.) K-star sure will call somebody "evil" in a minute...LOL. Just kidding K. *wink*

G.) 5 am? Girl hope you called in sick. Never mind, take that Red Bull and keep on

PrayerWarrior said...

I haven't had the chance to watch the surreal life but I will, I want to see Omarasa get eaten alive by Janice Dickinson and Pepa. Janice Dickinson is cool enough to actually get along with Pepa.

The Terri S. case was extraordinary hard for me to understand. God, her parents, her husband, the media? Too much.
I will say: all of them involved will be judged by HIM.

Gas prices?! Man! I put $15.00
in my car and the needle BARELY moved, I was WORRIED UP.

FaVoRiTE NigHTmARe said...

Since I am so not a TV fan (and reality shows??? Well, to each his/her own), I can only comment on the KOJACK jump off. Mainly because VING RHAMES is my mentor. I plan to be that strong and big when I'm his age.

Moving along 2 the other topics:

Terri: It's over. Let GOD handle it.

Pope: It's over. RIP.

Johnnie: It's over. Thanks 4 everything.

Everything happens in 3s, so I don't know how anyone could be surprised.

Gas: Praise GOD for company cars. But I still may need 2 help my moms out on some "snaps on the petro."

until next time...

princessdominique said...

You're right about the Surreal Life 5 cast. I think that with that many divas in a house it can't help but be explosive.

Lboogie said...

I never pay attention to the Surreal Life, but after you named the next cast, I am going to be ALL IN IT! And that damn Desperate Housewives, I can't get enough . . . I LOVE IT!

Beautiful little one . . . enjoy being an auntie=)

Dee said...

Some one please tell Da Brat that she is more of a "has-been" cuz she is constantly calling everybody else one......

Apocalypse said...

too much info!!!!! Great update. Yeah 'Da' Brat-tat-tat has been yelling has been since day one...when was the last time she had an album that didnt go double wood? Whats up with the Britney reality show??? She just needs some attention.

Lambchop said...

FINALLY! I can comment! Blogger has been trippin! I LOVE Monk!! I cant wait for the new series, but I miss Sharona.

I feel you on so many points that I could go into a post within a post, so I wont. I'll just say GIRL I FEEL YOU!!

PS -thanks for the post on how you got into what you do. I really enjoyed it!


Zantiferous3 said...

Wooo girl... you touched on a lot of stuff up in here.

I haven't watched Kojak yet... I heard the writing is for shit... and so I've been reticent about tuning in.

Haven't watched Surreal Life in a while... but they repeat that junk so often, I don't think it will be a problem to catch up. LOL And I said the same thing about Brat... that she's in DENIAL aobut her has-been status. LOL

OMG Pepa and Omarosa??? ROFLMAO why don't they just throw a keg of dynamite and a lit match up in that piece? LOL

Cole? As in Julian McMahon? The man who I want to make my love slave? *sigh* He is so damn unbelievably sexy. WHEN IN THE DEUCE IS THE NEW NIP/TUCK SEASON STARTING!!!???? He better not be doing Charmed and not Nip/Tuck!!!! *SLAM*

I love all the housewives, except damn Susan, she's a moron. I can't take how stupid and ridiculously childish her stupid ass is. Her 12 year old is more mature than she is. Love Bree, cuz she's a bitch... LOL... love Edie cuz she's... Edie. LOL... Love Gabrielle cuz she's so damn hedonistic and materialistic. LOL... love Lynette cuz she kinda reminds me of me. Except those damn bad kids... LOL... wouldn't tolerate them. LOL

Terry Schiavo. Mmmph. That's a tough one. I can see both sides... but what I have a problem with is the husband fighting the parents for so LONG on the issue when he had something to gain from it. If my ex husband wanted to be let go... and his parents fought me on it, eventually I would let it go... I'm not fighting his family for 15 years... especially if I move on and have kids and everything else... theres' something really crazy about that...something not right. To me.

Mary said...

5 am? Jazz, I hope you did call in.

I agree with X up there about Terri... you made some good points as well. I guess no one will ever know the true story.

ClaudBLOG said...

Loving your blog. Fabulous, girl. Here's me

Jdid said...

I wont argue the terri s thing because i didnt pay much attention to it.

surreal life sounds like its going to be hilarious next season.

SunShyn said...

Its good to see someone who watches as much tv as said...

The surreal is such a good concept cuz it brings all the oldies together and unleashes them like caged dogs. I fairly sure there is some cheating on wives or husbands goin on. Thats kinda sad but those freaks put themselves into that position in da first place.
All in all it's a really good show and I look forward to future ones with even more crazies like vanilla types.

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