Sunday, August 01, 2004

when it rains

okay so the atlanta show went so well that i decided to just swing by the craft stores to get supplies, you know (since i still had a job) and i look out the rear view and see what used to be my exhaust pipe,....dangling from the car, onto the street. OH MYGOODNESS! Here we go again! Always something,...hunh? So, the "diva" i am,...i get on the phone and begin to call for back up. Cherime (CHER) calls to find out if she has a wrench, pliers, whatever tool it is you need and she is on the way and I had to call in the muscle. So, RICO comes in,...but not before warning us "today" kinda girls, "NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!" ( kinda offfended, but,..okay,...i will let you handle it) He saves the day with his GIANT truck and box-o-tools. He at least fixes the problem well enough to hold me till monday. and check out the exhaust pipe i just had put on like 2yrs ago. (isn't it supposed to last longer than that?) it's all rusted and icky. there goes my art money. Posted by Hello

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