Tuesday, August 17, 2004

sounding off

what the hell is wrong with people? my friends are morphing into stepford people. i have this cirlcle of friends in atlanta and one in albany. most of the friends in atlanta are married or have been married and they have kids. in albany,...there is only one married with children. here's the thing,...i know as friends,...we should share our lives with oneanother but really,....must we share everything? if i can't comment on the bad things,....i don't want to comment on the good things. it's like watching sex & the city when carrie and co. hung out with their married friends with children. did you notice that carrie & co. had on all black (i guess to make them look like lose women) and the married suburbanites were all dressed in pastels? (for that good, clean, wholesome look) the married ones with kids love to talk about how great their lives, children and husbands are (and maybe that's true), but i am thinking,...."girl,...who are you trying to convince? me or yourself? (with the bratty kid and the asshole husband) it's like,...if they say it enough,...they will believe it and it'll come true." and to that i say,...bullshit! why do they think people that don't have children or are not married care to hear about it? we can't relate. and please don't "say" you don't want to hear it because then,... u hate kids. u hate marriage. "what the fuck? i never said that." then,...i must be a "hater!" why can't i just let "u do u and i do me" and that be that? it's like those religious cults that try to convince u that their God is the way. i hate to feel like someone is trying to convince or persuade me to do what they want me to do. can you believe i have friends that say,..."girl,..u need to have one!" what? i NEED? it's a kid,...not a PRADA bag. i usually say,..."nah,...all i NEED is JESUS! don't get me wrong,...kids are adorable. i agree that they are beautiful blessings from GOD! i love playing with them and then i give them back.

my aunt went on and on about how i needed a husband and my sister needed a kid. she said she knew the times we were living in and that she knew we were having "THE SEX!, baby." (at this point,...i was HELLA embarrassed) she said i should go on and get married so i wouldn't be living in SIN! i told her,..."so,... you would rather me make a promise to GOD to be with someone (that could be a butt-munch) "FOREVER!,"....just because i wanna get LAID!?," i said in a VERY respectful manner ......couldn't i just get LAID, repent and try not to do it again till marriage? at least that way,...i won't be unhappily married to a JERK (who could really be bad in bed, since i "am" marrying him for "THE SEX") FOREVER! (ok,...i admit i have commitment issues,.....SO!) it's kinda like in her world,...if u don't have those things,...u have no worth. your life is null and void. some people even come at me like,..."you don't want to be old and alone do you?" nope,...i want to age gracefully and be fabulous! honestly, kids and a husband don't necessarily ensure or guarantee that you won't be alone when you get old. that's a crappy reason to have them and a crappy case to make to me. just venting. if you have kids and a husband,..i am pretty sure, they are adorable (if they aren't talking back and being unruley (the husband, too)) hope i didn't offend anyone.

then i have these single girlfriends that always complain about not having a man. it's so annoying. anyone can have everyone,...just maybe not the someone you want. let it go and live! mama always said, " you got one life,... and God gave it to you to live ABUNDANTLY! you only live once!" stop dwelling on what you don't have and be thankful for what you do, in a nutshell.

just had to vent and get it off the chest. i'm pms-ing a little, so i am easily irritated right now. last apology,...forgive me if i offended you. just don't shove your issues in someone elses face, take it to a therapist, and/or a bartender (my personal favorite) and/or post them in a blog like normal people. Please, leave me and my ovaries out of it.


Casey said...

I can really really see your point.. It's like "live your life your way", and "leave me the hell alone, and let me live mine, my way".. I can relate, well except on the ovaries part.. LOL

Kool Rock Ski said...

ive had this exact conversation many times....so very true...good rant.