Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Did ya'll hear about this?
That's about some BULLSHIT! then, there is this shit.....

August 19, 2004
Andre 3000 perfoming at Republican Convention?
The Philly news says:
After four years of keeping relatively quiet and out of boldface type, First Twins Jenna and Barbara Bush are going to shake it like a Polaroid picture at the GOP convention in N.Y.C. The recent college grads will host the opening bash Sunday, Aug. 29, at Roseland with Outkast's sartorially splendid Andre 3000, Stephen Baldwin (the shy, Republican Baldwin), Barret Swatek (7th Heaven), Angie Harmon (Law & Order, Neutrogena) and defensive back hubby Jason Sehorn (no longer a Giant, now a Ram), and Bo "Still a 10" Derek.
However, the Washington Post says that Andre and P. Diddy are not part of the performance, but are shooting a documentary. What's up? Andre was spotted in 2000 with Gore t-shirts and was also reportedly at the Demo convention in Boston.
Posted by usounds at 06:54 AM


I AM VERY DISS-APPOINTED IN ANDRE 3000. I hope it's all just a misunderstanding. How could he be a Republican? A Black Republican is an oxymoron! Don't ya think?

I don't get to talk about this stuff (politics) on the air because I am not supposed to have an "Opinion!" about anything. (don't wanna offend the listeners) ....Nope,...I just 'PLAY THE HITS!'

Anywaz,...this will be the BOMB! You gotta check out Bill Maher on Tavis Smileys show tomorrow night.


Oh yeah,...found this web site,....thought you might like.
NOT FOR THE KIDDIES! in a nutshell.
She's just as PISSED as I am. (but I ain't going that far)


G. Cornelius Harris said...

WTF...I'll keep you posted

Kool Rock Ski said...

he is supposed to be filming a rock the vote documentary at the convention. I hate to say it but as far a republican vs. democrat goes...I dunno...its still the evil no matter how you slice it. I can’t see blindly following any party. I personally have heard John Kerry have 3 different positions on every subject I have heard him speak can you support a man that doesn’t have a position or a plan? Just because he's not Bush?!?!?! That’s weak. One of the only positive things I can say about Bush is you know what you are getting…he’s always been a good ole’ boy that looks out for big business, whose father pulled strings to keep him out of Vietnam, who ‘graduated’ from Yale but can’t complete a coherent sentence…but he is consistent. I’ll probably do a write in vote for Ross Perot.

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