Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Today,...I got off my butt to vote. It feels weird. I don't think I view things like most people. All I kept thinking about was my ancestors that faught so hard for me to be able to do this. So many beaten, intimidated and killed for this one simple, yet HUGE RIGHT!

I didn't think in terms of Democrat or Republican,...Nor Black or White Candidate. Well,... I guess I did think of the Black candidates, but it wasn't about who was Black or White. I wondered if the Black Candidates considered their positions or even the fact that they could run for office,..."AN HONOR!" Every candidate should feel that way but considering the plight of Blacks,...I wondered if they would carry that honor to the office with them and never ignore the needs of the people and try to carry the torch of our ancestors struggles to better the community. I wondered if they had gotten complacent with their positions, (like a lot of people) and just "colllecting a check." I wondered if they took their/our skin color for granted as a "guaranteed vote."

It's amazing really. When I was younger, I didn't really care,...unless MTV did. The older I get with medical bills, taxes, social securiy,etc. becoming an issue, and oh yeah,... let's not forget BUSH,...the more I CARE. It's really affecting me. Everything is. Why is that? I guess that is why they say; the older ,the wiser. I would kill to be this wise,...when I was 12. (I could pull a do- over)

Anyway,...I could go on. The ramblings are out of control. The deal is,...I VOTED TODAY! I have got to make a difference. The bullshit of this world, this country, this state,..this county,...this city,...EEEWWWW AND G.W.,....MUST END!

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