Saturday, July 10, 2004

today, the blogging begins

I have had a fabulous day of lounging. Of course there is the cleaning and tv watching but I am most excited about creating this blog. I get to vent and ramble on. Cool, huh? Well, I have been doing art all day to get ready for my show in Atlanta. I am nervous and excited. CB is hanging out later for wine and cheese. I love doing stuff like that. Why couldn't my last name be Rockerfeller? Oh well,... that's life.

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Nicci Nichcole said...

I just saw My great Friend Jazz's Site. I was given a piece of art work for my 26th Birthday. It's so sexy. It's of me, also its a converstaion piece when people come over. It's one of my 1st things that I show off when people come over. Yeah You might say I am fave of Jazz but, I have seen her hard work. She has a great eye for art, and what she wants in life. If you wanted something wonderful to look at eveyday. Take my word for it. It's worth it. Trust me I am still trying to get her to do some more art work for me to this day. I love you Sister. Nicci Nichcole, p.s. when I am down, I know your there to pick me up. I love you for that. Congrats on the site.