Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hi Ya All! It's been a minute, hunh? I apologize. I got tired of the pity party and I didn't want to post again until I got the emotional stink off. I absorb the energy of others and I didn't want to bring anyone else down. I apologize again.

So, what's been up? Other than some anonymous a-hole posting a f~ing book on the blog dispite the passcode....I've been good.

I don't have most of the Christmas shopping done. It seems like I used to have more money to work with or something and I'm making more and spending less....What's that about?

I've been dieting...AGAIN! Why can't I be like the French? Indulge in the beauty of life IN MODERATION. I have no control. Well, I take that back. I can only control it if I have NONE. MEPathetic...but true. Oh well, I'm on a do without mission until the many fabulous MEs meet as one. (if you are fluffy...you understand) OMG! DID YOU SEE THE BIGGEST LOSER FINALE? AMAZING!!

My station currently is ALL CHRISTMAS and it is driving me a little nuts. 24/7 with a hundred variations of Jingle Bells...it's driving me mad! at the same time...I Love it! I'm totally weird.

Anyway...GOOD NEWS! Before the boss left...he made it possible so that I get a lap top. It's so cool. So you will definitely see more posts.

I'll post with some holiday pics soon.


Anonymous said...
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Tetracon Rex said...

No not the French!

Ed Reif said...
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