Monday, October 16, 2006


So, the whole deal with the cool boss is over. We gave him a hellava send off bash. It got really crazy at the end. We are a group that loves to party so we gave him one. We tried to roast him but everyone kept getting choked up.....even your girl. It felt like someone was dead. The cool boss would get in our shit when we needed it but cut up with us and joke around. He was a friend. He said he felt like I would never come to visit him but...I promised him I would. Even though it is BUSH country and only like 4% Black (Corpus Cristi). I'll visit. Anyway,..I feel like you guys don't really know how fun this guy is so I've captured some footage of him and I will load it up on youtube (first timer) and hopefully....I can show ya what I mean.

I think I've got it....
The boss is the one that looks thin. (teehee)


Luke Cage said...

I can tell this is a tough separation for you luv. Keep in touch with him and that will minimize the pain of his absence. That's what I did when I left New York to move to Virginia.

sj-the-infamous said...

Yea, I've have a couple of "cool bosses" over the years -- in fact I still keep in touch with them.