Sunday, August 20, 2006


Questionmark Asylum - Hey Look Away

Okay so, I know you guys probably don't remember this video....except maybe Humanity Critic. Anyway, I think I was like one of the few that purchased this cd. I miss old school hip hop. The crap that's out today.....HURTS! It was either KNOWLEDGE or just plain ole FUN! No skanky video f-ed up teeth, no ridiculus flagin' (is that the right way to spell that? you know...flage as in camouflage....they're fakin')

I could totally start a party with some of that old special ed, dougie fresh and the get fresh crew with a lotta slick rick...sprinkled with some kwame and for a little west coast about pharcyde and souls of mischeif? this stuff gets overlooked on a daily. the guy that does the mix show on our hip hop station always plays the most back woods ghetto stuff he can find. kids love it but i crave OLD SCHOOL.


Organized Noise said...

I totally feel you. Even to this day, classics like "Children's Story", "Poison", "Da Butt", Treat Em Right", and "It Takes Two" can get a party jumpin'. Its sad what music has become now.

Luke Cage said...

Old school is the only school that gets things popping luv. Any Rakim, Boogie Down Production, Special Ed, Run DMC, most definitely Slick Rick & GMF & the Furious 5 record can drop it like its hot. And I take offense to the first sentence of this post.

Man, the heck with that chubby, locked haired, throat-chopping, old school knowing what real hip-hop is, mutha-effer!! I know a lil old school too, so there! (big arms crossed with a head nod for effect) :) Luv ya Jazz, Luv ya HC! Nice post hon.

EJ Flavors said...

Do I need to do Old School Hip Hop again? Why, I think you're daring me!!! ;-)

G. Cornelius Harris said...

I WAS JUST PLAYING THIS JOINT THE OTHER DAY IN THE OFFICE! How great minds think alike...I grew up off videos...Thanks to my older sisters...Great post...I'll keep you posted

Jdid said...

i remember the song cant say i've ever seen the video though.
old school is where its at , hip hop today aint hip hop