Sunday, October 10, 2004


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This is the 'Diva Mobile!' This is the first car that I purchased and paid for with my own money. Last week, I had to say goodbye. I put it up for adoption. It was good to me but very old and new parts for her were starting to take a toll on me. I took pleasure in flying down the open highway and daring anyone to cut me off. Clearly, NO NEW CAR could match the physical makeup of the DIVA MOBILE, which is made of precious metals not used with car making any longer. Now, a buggie could practially total a new car. I didn't want to give her up,....I cried even. (you know I am very nostalgic and sensitive, but some may say that I am a DRAMA QUEEN) This post is dedicated to the car I paid only 3,000 dollars for. In its heyday, it was TOP OF THE LINE. THE 88 LINCOLN MARK VII BILL BLASS EDITION, AUTO EVERYTHING AND KEYLESS ENTRY. I'm gonna miss ya ole girl!

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Casey said...

The Diva mobile and you just went together! I liked that car!